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A Delicate, Herbaceous Health Drink

Bioactive Oxymels

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Brand Identity for OXY Oxymels, Visual Language


These Bioactive Oxymels are 100% wild herb tinctures, available in various flavors beginning with BITTER. Emphasizing community, the brand aims to initiate a movement promoting healthy habits in everyday life, which is even integrated into the bottle’s packaging. Each bottle represents a commitment to traditional herbal wisdom and modern well-being practices.

Packaging Design for OXY Oxymels, Logo Design

Our Approach

Fascinated by the ancient knowledge about local herbs being used to create exceptionally healthy natural tonics, our approach to designing the logo mirrors the delicate, herbaceous shapes of these plants. This design choice maintains an overall minimalist and luxurious aesthetic, ensuring that these tinctures are immediately recognized as a high-end addition to daily wellness routines.

Brand Identity for OXY Oxymels, Business Cards
Brand Identity for OXY Oxymels, Minimal Artisanal Beverage Packaging Design

◦ Color & Imagery Concept

● Oyx’s color palette features minimalist shades of black, white, and the brown of the glass bottles. This simplicity underscores the brand’s commitment to purity and premium quality, extending to luxury colored paper stock used in collateral materials.

● To complement the herbaceous profile of the tinctures, we capture nature’s essence blending black and white photography with carefully curated, serene colors. This evokes tranquility and enhances the brand’s visual appeal.

Brand Identity for OXY Oxymels, Minimal Artisanal Beverage Brand Communication
Brand Identity for OXY Bioactive Oxymels, Natural Artisanal Beverage Brand Imagery
Brand Identity for OXY Bioactive Oxymels, Minimal Artisanal Beverage Brand Communication

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